The basic etiquette skills acquired during childhood are a lifelong investment and pay lasting dividends.

Contemporary and Common-sense.

Our approach to etiquette helps to instill supreme self-confidence, leadership skills and respect in today’s youth, preparing them for advanced roles in school, college and beyond.

Let Kelly Thedinger help enhance your child’s skills in:

  • Making positive first impressions
  • Proper introductions
  • The perfect handshake
  • Conversation pointers
  • Safe use of technology
  • Phone and netiquette
  • Written correspondence
  • Dining skills, including proper table settings
  • Dressing for the occasion

An acquired skill, etiquette translates across age groups – from pre-K through high school.

To arrange your child’s etiquette lessons, please contact Kelly Thedinger at or call 402-980-1199.



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