Knowing the proper way to behave in business and social settings can mean the difference between getting ahead and getting left at the starting line.

Invest in Your Future. Professional and Social.

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, success depends on utilizing every advantage and obtaining all the tools for building productive relationships.

One-on-one etiquette coaching can help you develop the polish, poise and confidence to:

  • Be a leader and feel at ease in any situation
  • Project personal power, credibility, authority and trustworthiness
  • Stand out in a crowd of your peers through powerful self-presentation
  • Successfully and professionally navigate lunches, cocktail receptions, formal dinners and fundraisers, allowing you to form crucial business relationships

Entertaining a job or career change? The Protocol School of the Midwest also offers an etiquette-focused “interview skills refresher,” which covers:

  • Self-presentation: first impressions and general appearance
  • Making introductions and conversation
  • The correct handshake
  • The importance of good listening
  • Navigating a meal during the interview process

To arrange your private etiquette coaching sessions, please contact Kelly Thedinger at or call 402-980-1199.



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